NOSCO Leadership: 


Board Members


Executive Board

President: Summer Smith

Vice President of Charities: Sally Braud

Vice President of Operations: Brandy Chao

Treasurer: Rosario Roberson

Secretary: Cathryn Rochester

Appointed Board

Communications Chair: Diane Norwood

Parliamentarian: Patricia Ford

FGS Liaison: Tracey Hines


Honorary President: vacant

CTF-76 Advisor: Kayla Portillo

CFAO Advisor: Stephie Kreutz

USN Hospital Advisor: Lisa Piner

Chaplain Spouses' Advisor:  Kellee Cooke

3rd Dental Advisor: Sally Braud

3rd Med Advisor: vacant

We are always looking to mentor and support new leaders in our organization. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do as a volunteer board, please take a look at our bylaws or email our current President. 

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