The American Welfare & Works Association (AWWA):

The American Welfare & Works Association (AWWA) is comprised of representatives of the following chartered U.S. Forces spouses clubs on Okinawa: NOSCO, KOSC, MOSC, OESC, and ACGO.

For 40 years, AWWA has forged a vital link between American military families and their Okinawan neighbors. AWWA has been quietly fostering a relationship with the Okinawan community through charitable contributions, friendship, and community involvement.

AWWA offers a way for its member clubs to coordinate and consolidate their resources, providing the maximum positive impact on our community. Representatives of AWWA's clubs meet monthly to pledge funds to both local Japanese welfare facilities and American organizations. These funds have been used to purchase many items, including vehicles, an ultrasound machine, and baby blankets.

AWWA helps make a difference in the lives of the elderly, the physically and mentally challenged, and the children of Okinawa. If you are interested in contributing to AWWA, simply visit one or more of the gift shops, purchase an item, and become a patron of worthy American or Japanese organizations in need. Better yet, volunteer at your favorite gift shop and help generate the charitable funds that flow to worthy organizations.

You Shop, We Give!

AWWA is one of the few organizations made up of all four branches of military.  The organization is comprised of representatives from five military spouses’ organizations: the Kadena Officers’ Spouses’ Club, the Army Community Group of Okinawa, the Okinawa Enlisted Spouses’ Club, the Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Okinawa, and the Marine Officers’ Spouses’ Club.  Originally established to provide grants to Japanese non-profits in 1952, fast forward to 2017 and we now include  American organizations and have been able to provide nearly $8 million to groups in need.  

The charitable funds that AWWA donates to both the Japanese and military communities are generated from the profits of the four gift shops on island (Kadena Gift Corner, Marine Gift Shop, Fleet Gift Shop, and the Army on Okinawa Gift Shop) as well as Uncle Sam’s Attic (the Kadena Thrift Shop).  

Each month, the AWWA board meets to review grant applications submitted by American and Okinawan organizations in need. On the American side, we do a great deal to help sports teams, youth activities, the Stork’s Nest, programs organized by the USO, Boy and Girl Scouts, etc. The items we are able to provide to the Okinawans include hospital beds, ultrasound machines, handicapped accessible vans, oxygen concentrators, food preparation equipment, incinerators and boilers, kilns and so much more.

We’ve donated nearly $8 million in our more than 40 year history.

Organizations interested in grant application materials may contact presidentawwa@gmail.com for American applicants or translatorawwa@gmail.com for Japanese applicants. Applications can also be downloaded in the links below.

 English application 2015.doc

 Japanese application.doc

PSC 480 Box 50, FPO, AP  96370

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